Employment Application and Job Description will be posted on our website only when a position is open.

  • If Trinity Bay Conservation District has an open position, then you will see a listing of the position along with a tab for the application as well as the job description.
  • When a position is available, please print the employment application and either return it to our office or you may email it to [email protected].
Trinity Bay Conservation District is seeking
dedicated individuals to be part of our team.
You can reach the office (409) 296-3602 or [email protected]

Trinity Bay Conservation
District’s lobby hours

Monday -Thursday
7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The drive-thru is open until
5:30 pm.

Winnie Stowell Office

P.O. Box 599
Stowell, TX  77661-0599

Phone / 409-296-3602
Fax / 409-296-3745

Email Address
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